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Who says fussy can't be fun?

Balancing the art and science of brewing.

Brewing process

It’s worth the work.​

The best beer comes from top-notch equipment, high quality ingredients and a solid quality control program.

1919, our signature Belgian pale ale, requires the German Kräusening process, a double fermentation technique that is difficult to master but creates a better tasting, smoother beer.

Canadian-made and engineered, our brewing system is designed for efficiency and growth.

Built from the ground up, it’s a scaled down version of a much larger brewery operation, customized to our needs.

Whether it’s tightly controlled mash temperatures, precise volume metering, high conversion efficiency of hops in the external steam calandria during the boil, or recovering waste heat to warm process water for the next brew, we’re set up to brew each batch consistently and efficiently.

Good people make good beer.

While we adopt tried and true techniques to make our beer, we passionately work to improve our process. This means keeping our space clean and inviting, maintaining our equipment and fixing issues as they arrive, and paying close attention to quality assurance. We care about our people. We care about the process. Bringing these two things together is how we make beer done better.

A simple joy we work hard to deliver.

Things spin fast at LBJ. Our centrifuge clarifies beer at 8500 RPMs and our rotary canning line cranks it out at 80 cans per minute! This well-tuned equipment keeps oxygen out, preserves freshness and produces less waste. So we can keep them coming your way, cold and fast!

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