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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to stay in your sweatpants all day? We see you & we’ve got you! Order online here and let us deliver the goods. Order before noon for same-day city wide delivery in Winnipeg on Thursday's. Select your preferred delivery window to let us know when you will home. We will send you an email when the Little Brown Truck is on it’s way. You can also find us on SkipTheDishes for delivery anytime we're open!

When the Little Brown Truck rolls up, you are required to show valid ID proving you are of legal drinking age. If no one of age is home, we will email you and ask for a better time to come back. Sorry, there are no exceptions to this rule!

Quality service is what we do. Order online here and select “Pick up - Brewery” under delivery options. Under special instructions inform us that you want curbside pick up. When you have arrived at our historic livery-turned-brewery, give us a call and our friendly taproom staff can run your order out to your car.

You may also pre-order online & pop in to say hello and grab your order. We love getting to see you.

Nothing like LBJ brews on tap! You can purchase LBJ beers in 19L and 50L kegs through our website HERE. Peruse the beer section of our online store and click “shop all sizes” to see if there is a keg option for that style. If you are having a kegger (where is our invite?), don’t forget to add the handpump to pour your beer ($100 deposit required). Upon checkout, a $100 keg deposit will be added to your cart. You are required to pay this deposit for each keg ordered. Once a keg is returned, the deposits are returned to your account.

If you have your own keg you want filled, send us a message and we will do our best to tell you when we are kegging your favourite brew next.

We are beyond dog-friendly, we are dog obsessed. You are welcome to bring your well-mannered pooch for a visit on our patio anytime. We will bring your K9 friend some water so that we have an excuse to pet them and tell them what a good doggie they are.

Our name-sake Little Brown Jug (750 ml) bottles can be returned to us for a $2 refund, or you can swap them out for ones full of beer! No need to wash them, we take care of the dirty work.

Growlers (1.89 L) are non-refundable, however we can refill them with 1919 in the taproom for you.

Send us a message and we can let you know. We prefer to host semi-private events while being open to other guests because, COMMUNITY. However there may be a date or space we can designate for you and your party people. Send us a message with a date and time to get a quote (minimum spend required).

We do! Enjoy grilled cheese, warm soft pretzels, chips, and some snackables while you enjoy your beverage of choice.

When you visit the taproom, you are right in the midst of our production and can experience the sights, sounds and smells of us brewing & packaging our delicious brews. Ask the taproom staff to point out where all the magic happens, and they will be happy to guide you through a brew from grain to glass.

Maybe! For sponsorship inquiries please email with details of the event including how much beer would be required and what advertising/contra you are offering.

FAh, Boot Scootin’ Boogie, meat shoulder, and perfume draws- who doesn’t love a Manitoba Social? We can offer a social pack for your social. This package includes a minimum of three 24-pks of beer at a special price, and we will throw in some LBJ swag items for prizes. For details and restrictions, send us a message.

If you have visited us in the infant years of LBJ when we just had 1919 on tap, you are in for a shock! We now have a variety of brews on tap, check them out HERE. These are subject to change based on availability.

We are more of the “come as you are” attitude. Show up and we will do our best to find a spot for you. If you wish to play it safe, send us a message above and we'll try our best to make it happen!

LBJ is not currently offering any new monetary donations, silent auction prizes or golf-tournament support. If you are interested in collaborating with LBJ on a fundraising venture, please email We will get back to you if there is interest to get more information. Please recognize we receive many requests and aren't always able to follow up with a message of nonacceptance.

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