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Keg Care

keg care: 101

  • Your keg will be cold when you receive it. You will want to keep it as cold as possible. Use a large container (such as a clean garbage bin or bucket) and put the keg inside.Fill with as much ice as possible.
  • Let the keg settle in the ice bucket before getting tapped, as the movement may cause some foam.
  • Attach the hand pump the same way you would attach any sanke coupler. See below for step-by-step instructions.
  • Do not over pump the hand pump.
  • Only pump again if it stops flowing. It isn’t meant to pour super quickly, but this also avoids it being too foamy.  
  • Once the keg is tapped with a hand pump, you have about 24 hours to enjoy your beer.



  • Prior to tapping, ensure that the tap handle is in its closed position and coupler handle is also closed (in the up position).
  • Line up the notches inside the locking neck on the keg and the grooves of the coupler on the hand pump. Turn clockwise until it is tight and locked into position.
  • Next pull the coupler handle out and away from the hand pump and push down. Release the handle allowing it to retract and lock into the open position. If you see any bubbles around the connection point, the coupler may not be seated right. Remove it and ensure it slides into both notches inside the locking neck on the keg.
  • Now you can pour the first couple pints of beer, as the keg is already pressurized with CO2. Once the flow of beer slows, pump 2-3 times to pressurize to a consistent pour. Avoid over pumping as this can make the beer flat.
  • Enjoy!
  • Note: Hand pumps use air to pressurize a keg which oxygenates the beer faster. The cooler the keg is the longer it will stay carbonated. Pour pints by holding your glass at a 45 degree angle to start, then as it fills slowly return it to a vertical position.

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