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Brewtoons Entry - Silly LBJ, Trix Are for Kids!

Brewtoons Entry - Silly LBJ, Trix Are for Kids!

Written By Tyler Ganes, Brewer


We were excited to do this breakfast cereal challenge that was proposed by Half Pints via Instagram. The challenge, sent out to all local breweries, was to brew a beer using a breakfast cereal and release them on Saturday October 9. The winner of the challenge to be determined by the beer’s rating on the app “Untappd”.


We asked our staff which cereal they would like to see Little Brown Jug use in the challenge, and it came down to a vote between Golden Grams and Trix. Trix came out the victor, and our brewers began working on a recipe. Having finally decided on a milkshake sour beer, with the idea of a flight of various colours to recreate the Trix experience, we began mashing in with a few boxes of Trix cereal.



The Trix were almost completely broken down by the enzymes in the mash and all that was left was a slightly off-putting colour, like when you mix all the Slurpee flavours together in one cup.


Opting for souring in the kettle we added our souring bacteria and let them go to work at souring the wort. After completing the souring step in the kettle, the brewers were beginning to question their career choices, as the beer became murky green colour.


 Much to the brewers’ relief, after fermenting the beer and chilling it, the murky green colour settled out and the Trix beer looked like actual beer. It was, however, very sour. We decided to blend it with our summer lager to both cut the sourness and increase the final volume of beer we would be able to serve. We chose the summer lager as it has a clean finish and would not overpower the flavours of the Trix beer.



After doing some tasting of various blends of the Trix beer with our summer lager, and varying amounts of lactose and “natural flavours”, we found a ratio that was appeasing and went to work blending the beer in kegs and adding carbonation.




We hope you will be able to come down to our taproom and grab a flight before it’s all gone.

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